Meet the deadmau5 New Artist Competition Finalists

Last week, we announced the top 10 semifinalists from the deadmau5 New Artist Competition. Today, we are excited to introduce you to the top three finalists, who are one step closer to seeing their song on a mau5trap album.

We had the opportunity to speak to our three finalists and learn more about their creative process. Check out selections from their written interviews (listed in alphabetical order):

“Silence” by KVIII — British Columbia, Canada

Links: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

What first drew you to producing? I first started producing when I discovered Ableton quite by accident. I had been looking for ways to make sounds for my YouTube videos, and discovered the software. After that, I downloaded a demo and never looked back!

What have you learned from deadmau5’s MasterClass? Joel’s techniques for getting started on a track have been invaluable. From building a kit of loops/sounds to his advice about how to turn off the judgemental part of yourself while creating, it has improved my workflow immensely.


“Here to Play” by Mr. Puddles — Miami, Florida

Links: Instagram | SoundCloud

What first drew you to producing? Producing was a very organic progression from playing with pianos and computers to goofing around in Garageband, experimenting in Logic and eventually really getting into Ableton.

What inspired the track that you submitted? Mischief, mountains and a bit of madness….and a very special shout out to the Beatlab community in Los Angeles for their inspiration and support


“Haunt Me” by Okoren — Denver, Colorado

Links: Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify

What first drew you to producing? Producing is the hardest, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. When I started out, it was overwhelming but so exciting to realize that the tools were right there and I just needed to learn them. I see why astronauts/space are related to electronic music in some way because producers are always discovering new frontiers in the space between our headphones, and that excites me!

What have you learned from deadmau5’s MasterClass? This class has changed my life. For almost 3 years I have been nearly homeless, living with siblings or my parents to desperately grow and understand how to make the music I dream of. I have been hungry to get real instruction on how to make compelling tracks. Being around Joel [deadmau5] in this MasterClass somehow bridged the gap in my brain between dreaming and creating… it helps that Joel’s attitude towards making music resonates deeply with what I believe, and who I am.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the deadmau5 New Artist Competition and congratulations to our three finalists!

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