Learn anywhere with new MasterClass mobile app

Now take the world’s greatest minds with you wherever you go. Introducing the MasterClass mobile app—designed to make learning part of your daily life, whether on the bus, in the kitchen, or on the court. With 35 classes that dive into philosophies, processes and techniques, MasterClass helps students progress more rapidly towards their own mastery.

With the MasterClass app for iPhone and iPad, you can:

Discover Daily Lessons: Learn from every master through daily bite-sized lessons in the Discover Feed. Lessons include: Stephen Curry on how to achieve perfect aim, Jane Goodall on what animals feel, and Hans Zimmer on telling a hero’s story in just two musical notes.

Access Exclusive Content: Get exclusive access to lessons only available on the app, and get early previews of classes before they’re released online.

Explore Classes Anytime, Anywhere: Get unlimited access to all classes from all instructors for $180 per year, or purchase a single class for $90, and take them with you anywhere.

“The rate of change is happening faster than it has ever before, which means we have to keep learning just to keep up. Education has to adapt too. It can’t be stuck in a classroom or on a computer. It has to be everywhere you are.”—David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass.

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