Meet Semifinalists Kecia Bal & Lynette Eason

Thank you to everyone who participated in the James Patterson Co-Author Competition and congratulations to the semifinalists! For the rest of the week, we will be featuring two of the ten semifinalists each day, so that you can get to know them and learn about their backgrounds as writers. Today, we’d like you to meet MasterClass students Kecia Bal and Lynette Eason!

Kecia Bal
Somerset, Pennsylvania

KeciaWhat drives you to write?
A desire to make people care, make them feel something. And stubbornness. I’m going to show up and write, even when it’s not flowing because I know the reward: that rush that comes when something aligns – in a way that feels like magic – and it is working and I’m there, ready. There’s nothing like that.

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing stories since I was able to draw pictures. Professionally, I sold my first story (a piece for a travel website) at age 17 for $50. I was a newsroom intern by 19 and a full-time journalist by 21.

How do you plan to keep readers engrossed in your story?
I’ll keep a heart-racing pace with high stakes, swift twists, compelling questions, and, eventually, satisfying answers. I want readers to feel bound to the characters, and I want to surprise them – or scare them or charm them – on every page and keep them guessing until the last page.

Who has been the most supportive of your writing? How do they help you?
I am blessed with loving, supportive family – but you never really know whether you’re on to something until someone who doesn’t have to love what you make says you’re on to something. I have honest teachers and friends who helped me most by being editors – telling me what’s not working and where to cut to let what is working shine. My sons remind me daily that playfulness and curiosity are what shine brightest.

Lynette Eason
Simpsonville, South Carolina

LynetteWhat drives you to write?
Writing started out being a way to ease the loneliness that was the result of a hard-working and traveling husband. Since then, it’s become my passion. It’s my job, and I love it.

If you could spend 5 minutes with James, what questions would you ask him?
What’s the one book that’s been written that you wish you’d thought of?

Which writers do you aspire to be like?
I admire and have learned from John Grisham, Debbie Macomber, Lee Child, James Patterson, Terri Blackstock, Dee Henderson and others. I don’t really aspire to be like them. I want to be myself. 🙂

Who has been the most supportive of your writing? How do they help you?
My family has been super supportive. I’m so thankful for their understanding when I need to write–and the fact that they like take out, know how to do laundry, and don’t hate me when I forget they’re in the room.

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